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Everyone is in a long term relationship with denim. Denim is perhaps the most famous story in fashion, its versatility ensuring that every year it endures as one of the best loved fabrics in every man and woman’s wardrobe.

Double denim is a trend that has been around for decades and it’s one that wont be going anywhere anytime soon. Double denim is worn by so many celebrities, bloggers and models, but is favoured mainly by the likes of Zac Efron, David Beckham and Kanye West for the boys, proving that guys with all different types of style can pull it off, and also by ladies like Rihanna, Olivia Palermo, Ashley Tisdale and the Kardashian’s, again showing that anyone can make it work.

03f6ceba6d796716_Rihanna-denim-on-denim.xxxlarge_1Kim Kardashian makes an apperance at Restaurant Fendi **USA ONLY**

For you to pull this look and not look like you from the 80’s or 90’s it depends on how you choose your pieces.


I personally dig this trend, love how people mix them up to bring about that ravishing look on them and so i took a little liberty to share a few rules that i have observed for some time now that would help the beginners both men and women.

Actually the main concept for double denim or denim on denim is making sure that the washes and colours are completely different from each other. Pair a light washed blue denim jacket or shirt with dark blue, black or grey jeans or the other way around with dark washes on top and lighter on the bottom. From my observation i think and believe that the first option looks better. Darker colours are more slimming on the bottom, creating a much nicer illusion to your proportions.

Again  ensure that your pieces fits you. Pairing baggy and slim pieces are not appealing or comfortable. In other words ensure every piece fits you be it the jean, shirt, vest, or jacket. . You need to make sure the cuts are slim, especially on the legs. I don’t think double denim ever looks good with really loose jeans, it’s much more suited to skinny fits.


Double Denim For Women

Women have more options than men when it comes to double denim , for instant you can wear so many different blends. Denim shirts, jackets and vests can match with skinny jeans, denim shorts, skinny flares and even denim skirts. You can wear denim shirts with dungarees or even layer denim vests over chambray dresses.

Incorporating more denim into your look works really well too, you can do double denim by tying a denim shirt around your waist so it falls over your skinny jeans or shorts. For that throwback 90’s modern and updated way look work with dungarees or overalls, just tie the shirt around your waist which will create that perfect look.

If you want to try double denim but you only have shades that are similar in colour, then one of the main ways you can make this work without looking dated is in the accessories. Try wearing a printed jumper/sweater under your denim jacket and some bold shoes, or layer on lots of jewellery, carry a big bag and wear some sunglasses or a hat. The important thing is mixing up the denim with other fabrics and colour, drawing the attention away from the block one colour denim. Layering over a coat or smart blazer also brings another classy element to double denim so it doesn’t always have to look casual.

If I was a women, then my absolute must have pieces would be grey skinny jeans with a light blue denim shirt, vest or jacket. I chose this because the lighter blue mixed with grey denim is a colour palette made to go together! They complement each other incredibly well and look perfect!  A dark blue jean also works well as long as your shirt is more light.

Avoid bold primary colours. Denim can be worn in different colours as long as they compliment each other.

2-stonewash-double-denim rachel-bilson-double-denim-681x1024  double-denim-shirt-around-waist-jacket-boyfriend-jeans double-denim-blazer-julesandy-torres-style-scrapbook-double-dye-denim  double-denim-vest-shorts


Double Denim For Men

Paring is less, and the best part is that the double denim on men can have  quite a strong and dominant vibe that makes it look even better. Denim on denim for men is mostly worn in the form of skinny jeans with a denim jacket, vest or shirt.

Double denim with shorts is a bit tricky, there’s something about the proportions that just don’t look right. I would encourage you to stick to your skinny jeans be it black, grey, dark blue pairing them with the right pieces, and if you think you can pull up the double denim shorts look then prove me wrong! Remember everything should really well be fit for the good look.

Same rules apply to men as to women in terms of wanting to wear double denim in similar washes, if you want to put on same jeans of the same colour, you can add or put a printed sweater on underneath your jacket, have some bolder shoes, throw on some sunglasses, even a backpack, just anything you can think of to add some colour to the outfit and break up the wall of denim. It makes you not look out dated.

Just like for the ladies tying a denim shirt around your waist, also adds that little bit of extra denim to your outfit.Don’t forget though, make sure all of your pieces fit you well. As long as everything is slim, structured and fitted, you can pretty much get away with anything!

 men-in-double-denim-jacket-jeans152252468-1cody-simpson-double-denim denim-on-denim-031Denim-on-denim-London-Milan-Paris-29   Denim-on-denim-London-Milan-Paris-30

There you have it, how to make your fantastic, chic, and stylish double denim outfit without overdoing it. How many of you adore the double denim trend and can’t get enough of it? I would also love to know how you wear it too! Comment and let me know.



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