It’s no secret that shorts are my favourite set of outfit  I so much love it because wearing shorts creates a fashion statement for myself without them even saying a word also to other men. Shorts should not be missing from a gentleman’s wardrobe.


Shorts are known to prompt all sorts of questions, amongst them the most common one refers strictly to length. Anyway just like everything else, the shorts’ length must make you feel comfortable before anything else. But also you should opt for a longer look just above the knee if you a a guy characterized by modesty. Also going an inch or two above the knee is another nice way and the shortest version should not go higher than the mid-thigh.


The fitness of the short is also important because a matter of taste as it should reflect your personal aesthetic. So avoid baggy shorts, avoid loose shorts if you don’t have muscular legs as they will appear very thin by comparison,  Stick with a slim-fit, featuring straight legs down to the top of the knees as it’s the most flattering fit of them all, keep away from anything that is too tight especially if it’s also ultra-short.



Extra tips for the perfect men’s shorts.

  • Do consider wearing multi-purpose shorts, such as the stylishly tailored swimwear from Orlebar Brown, which will take you from the pool to the streets without needing to get changed (but at least get dry)
  • Dress shoes, as well as traditional wingtips or desert shoes, can be worn with a tailored pair but not so much with the baggy styles
  • Other shoes to wear with shorts are the boat shoes, loafers, driving moccasins, canvas sneakers, slip-on plimsolls and sandals
  • Skip the socks with shorts if you’re pairing them to sandals, boaters or loafers but remember that shorts worn with closed-toed shoes look best with ankle socks
  • Consider fabrics like linen, chino, madras and seersucker for your shorts but avoid denim and nylon
  • Style the shorts with shirts that are on the shorter side, so you can untuck them with ease when you sit
  • Collared short-sleeve shirts are usually the best choice for a casual shorts look
  • Stay away from cargo pockets, pleats and any dangly details
  • Look for tailored finishes, just as you would longer trousers



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