BigBen is a menswear design label that was launched into the fashion industry in the year 2012 by the Creative Director and Designer  Kilani Ebenezer.DSC_0222-cropped

Kilani’s natural talent and phenomenal creative flair sparked the need for a unique and stylish collection of be spoke menswear.He is definitely the one to watch with his range of sharp suits and tailored pieces withelectrifying colors. His love for fashion has no end, being a renowned fashionista andwhose biggest dream is to be one of the leading designers here in Africa and across the globe.
BigBen has worked with several celebrities and top personalities and in barely four years in the fashion industry, BigBen is set to grace runways of fashion shows in Nigeria and beyond
Some of his great designs include: Spring/Summer 2013 Collection – Dapper Men which has in it well tailored blazers, shirts, ties, bow ties, pocket squares, pant trousers and suits with prints such as snake skin, stripes, polka dots, plaids in bright colors. This lookbook features brightly coloured pieces complete with impressive floral, pin striped, plaid and high-shine blazers and equally standout trousers giving it a vintage fee or environment.
Photographer: Horploadworks
Spring 2015 collection – Urban Independence the collection features tassel suits, tuxedos, shirts, in solid colours and prints and more; and tells the tale of a stylish man who is confident and chooses to explore his unapologetic sense of style.
Big-Ben-Kilani-Urban-Independence-Collection-Bellanaija-January2015008 35d8055d659e26a62a44c28ef83c72a2 bc701350f450e760ac3c3dc22fbde57c 2f681918434e81be5fb1a78c6c7d4b85 6f447fdb949589ef3cb003356fc6e0df 5762bfaf05fc29a3c5ccbe413ba125f7 57582560a7c2386de90461ee480c5f27 7bb730c67e820d4fe004017f83fe6c6d 196bd90af69dc119424abbf04e6a8168 717d0a4673c9ac9809429ab3616a7efd
Photography Credit: James Hercule
Just like other African Designers Ebenezer Kilani is a man to watch out for…He never disappoints.

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