The Dera or Dira Dress is from Somali cultural dressing that was later adopted by the Swahili community in Kenya. Its basically a free cotton dress stitched at the seams with no fastenings or openings.


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Different Outfits To Wear With Pencil Skirts for Chic Look

Pencil-Skirt-3 One of my favourite outfits worn by women is the pencil skirt and I feel there are just too many reasons for that to be mentioned here. But to talk of a few, it is a timeless outfit that can never ever go out of fashion. It can be worn in all seasons, at a casual occasion, a formal one or even to work. Thee are hardly any outfits which meet these characteristics but pencil skirts do. Today i shall show and tell you some of the trending ideas on how to wear pencil skirts. Different outfits to wear with , and perfect shoes to wear with pencil skirts.

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