About Me


Hi Everyone

I’m Brenon

An aspiring photographer and  stylist. I love photography and fashion so much. And whats the best and more convenient way to share my passion than to make a blog.

Just from its name ‘LUSCIOUS’ where one can use it to describe a perfectly cooked steak or your crush’s unbelievable, irresistible lips. I use it to describe my publications showing a very appealing taste or smell richly appealing, very physically. So luscious is not only a piece of paper but a book where i write more about the art of fashion and photography.

I believe that each and everyone of  us is beautiful and valuable in their own way, have away to make themselves confident, and love themselves, and so i intended to make you feel comfortable with yourself around others.

I do not own the pictures posted on this website unless stated. If you own any one of the pictures kindly contact Luscious on blogloiuscious@gmail.com or oorobrenon2014@gmail.com.


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