Cold season is that time of year were most people would just like to stay indoors in front of an open fire with a mug of hot chocolate. But for the business man battling the elements on route to work. In this article we explore the best cold season outfits for men to wear at job/office and how today’s business man can look the part in the office at the same time as wrapping up warm.


coatIt goes without saying that this item of clothing is essential during cold periods but what style is perfect for the modern business man?
In this case, a long woolen overcoat is highly suitable and makes a business man look much more distinguished. What better fabric to have  than wool? A pure wool overcoat is much more durable than any blend of fabric so will not only look the part but will last you many years. Even though you pay for quality, it will save you a fortune in the long run. There are different styles of wool overcoats, the most obvious being single or double breasted. Keep in mind that a double breasted coat may be weighty but will keep you warmer in the cold weather. It is a must that any overcoat for a business man must cover the cuffs of shirt and suit jacket. Cuffs showing under an overcoat look scruffy and clearly show you have chosen a coat which does not fit properly. Ideally these coats should be knee length or preferably lower.

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High women need high fashion. When it comes to perk up your beauty and feminism then nothing is better than Saree. Saree is among the most admirable outfits. This outfit helps every woman to rise in every occasion. It keeps you ahead in the crowd. If you really want to give yourself priority and want to be show stealer then attire yourself in Salwar Kameez.

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It’s no secret that shorts are my favourite set of outfit  I so much love it because wearing shorts creates a fashion statement for myself without them even saying a word also to other men. Shorts should not be missing from a gentleman’s wardrobe.

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NAKED DRESSING : The Kardashian Guide

Kim Kardashian Kim looks to a peachy outfit consisting of a robe-like coat, bra top, fitted skirt, and lace-up sandals.

Kim Kardashian
Kim looks to a peachy outfit consisting of a robe-like coat, bra top, fitted skirt, and lace-up sandals.

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Clara Akinyi swaying a black little dress having a peter pan collar

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The beauty of this style lies in its simplicity, for such a straightforward style, the pencil skirt makes a big impression. From office friendly tailored styles, perfect when worn with a smart blazer, a crisp white shirt. No matter what your shape and size, Clara Akinyi shows us why these wonderfully versatile style is here to give your wardrobe a makeover by making you get ready to go shopping and why a pencil skirt is every woman’s secret weapon.

Arrayed in a Alica crepe midi black skirt, a sleeveless tee top, a long sleeved slim fitted checked one button blazer and four and a half inch black heeled brogues. This look makes her appear fitted, flattering and fierce, creating a silhouette that is classy and timeless.


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