Vintage fashion commonly known by people to be garments originating from a previous era 70,s and 80’s. With time vintage clothing has being shifting rapidly in terms of designs due to the evolution in modernity.

Designers around the world are coming up with new modern designs that are so much stylish, trendy, and fits in the environment. African vintage is now the newest wave that is cutting across all countries in the world.

Historically, African clothing has been framed by the west as a rural phenomenon and predominantly associated with ethnic identity. Before African style was about traditional fabrics, but now its also about vintage fashion from the street.


Photo Courtesy of Clutch

Johannesburg, Lagos and Namibia are among the cities in Africa that have, hottest leading designers and vintage aficionados in everything from plaids, to vintage wingtips, and dresses your mother may have worn when she was younger, and now it is what’s making heads turn.

Photo courtesy: dress to inspire

Photo courtesy: dress to inspire

A couple of three open-minders from Soweto Vuyo Mpanthsa, Justice and Innocent Mukheli are young stylists and photographers also known for ‘I SEE A DIFFERENT YOU’ have already toured the streets of many countries in Africa, in Europe and in Asia. Always well-dressed, they truly are the witnesses of street fashion, taking influences from everyone, inspiration from everywhere and creating their own groove.

Vintage3tumblr_mgaukxyQJx1r7fjovo1_1280urlAfrican vintage highlights the influences of yesterday with the touch of modernity is just the way to go.


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